Donate to elect Scott Grimmer

IMMEDIATE SUPPORT NEEDED: Hawaii is in a public health and fiscal crisis. That is why Scott Grimmer is planning to lead:

  • A robust public health response that widens accessibility to testing and coordinates the deployment of medical personnel  and supplies to defeat the coronavirus.

  • A robust economic response that produces an economic rebound for everyone without compromising our values.

But several of our opponents have deeper pockets than we do, and our campaign will not have the resources needed to win unless we raise $867 by the end of the week.

Turning Hawaii around comes down to electing Scott Grimmer. The only way that can happen at this pivotal moment is with prompt grassroots support from folks like you: Will you donate now to make sure we elect Scott Grimmer?

Online donations coming within days. For now, call or text Scott (808-206-2304) and he will come pick up the cash or check

Scott Grimmer

Democrat for Hawaii House 51

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PO Box 1511
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