Scott Grimmer walks the walk

It's not a slogan. It's his deal with the district. What does it mean?

1) Scott believes Hawaii should lead the world in protecting and respecting the environment. That's why he will mainly walk and take the bus while campaigning. See his full environmental platform.

2) Scott believes that members of the State Legislature have a duty to residents to share the pain in bad times. That's why he proposes that lawmakers pay is delayed as many weeks as unemployment payments are delayed during the coronavirus crisis.

3) Scott believes that during this economic crisis, the most urgent needs are food and shelter for those who have lost work. That's why he will take decisive action to bring about an economic rebound once in office. In the meantime, he donates to the Hawaii Food Bank and Aloha United Way's homeless prevention efforts.

4) Scott believes the residents of Kailua, Waimanalo, and Lanikai deserve a strong voice in the State Legislature, and he doesn't take anyone's vote for granted. That's why he plans to walk 1,000 miles in the district before primary day--to go down every street and ask everyone personally for their vote. Track his progress.

5) Scott believes that political campaigns should be won by connecting with voters, not bought by donors. That's why he is the only candidate in the race agreeing to voluntarily limit his campaign spending and focusing on donations of $100 or less.

Scott Grimmer

Democrat for Hawaii House 51

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